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I get asked a lot of questions about blogging. That is a big reason that contributed to why I made the decision to start talking about the art of blogging more here at Kaleidoscope.

By far, the most common questions I get asked are from people who are wanting to start a blog, and the most common question I get asked from them is:

What advice do you have someone who is starting a blog?

They want to know about platforms.

They want to know about design.

They want to know about topics.

They want to know about how to grow their audience.

There is a plethora of areas they want tips on.

Over time, I will be discussing all of these areas here on Kaleidoscope, but the number one best tip for those starting a blog that I can offer is:


… but what about “finding my niche”


… but my blog design isn’t professional


… but my “about page” isn’t finely tuned


Time, and time (and time) again these gorgeous souls are waiting for all theirs ducks to be in a perfect little row before they even begin to blog!


By starting to write, but composing blog posts you begin to form a better idea in your own mind of what your blog should really be. Find something you love and write about it, all the other things will come into focus as, and when, they need to. Don’t get roadblocked by the pressure of perfection or doing things the “right” way.

JUST START and see where the amazing journey of blogging takes you!

THAT is my number one best tip for those starting a blog!


[photo by Ashley Ella of Ashley Ella Designs]


Amanda Fuller

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